Garage Door Safety

Automatic Garage Doors: Are They Safe?

As we move forward into the new year filled with big ideas, fresh starts, and good intentions, now might be the time to tackle one of those projects on your list. Whether you want to remodel your kitchen, organize your holiday decorations before storing them away, or plan a spring getaway with your special person, the first step is to ask a few questions.

What’s my budget? How will I pay for it? Is it safe? While your project might not need to answer the ‘is it safe’ question, it could if your goal is to install a new automatic garage door. In this blog, we will explain the automatic garage door installation process, answer all your questions, and explain how using the services of professionals like the team at Closing Time Garage Doors makes the process quick and easy.


Do I need automatic garage doors?

Suppose you are a homeowner thinking about adding automatic garage doors to an existing garage or want to update an existing system. In that case, you might have questions about the process. One question you might be asking yourself is, why do I need automatic garage doors? Of course, the answer varies from one homeowner to the next, but the easiest answer is, why not?

Now, if you currently use your garage for storage or as a bedroom for a friend or family member who needed to crash for a few days, which has turned into weeks and months, the process gets complicated.

One of the many benefits of an automatic garage door is walking into your home without being exposed to the elements. Specifically, if it is raining, snowing, or 100°F outside, and you have a carload of kids with homework and sports equipment, plus a trunk full of groceries, the last thing you want to do is make multiple trips inside your home.

And in some parts of the country, severe weather can be a daily hazard, so having an automatic garage door can help you keep your family safe.

Garage Door Safety

What safety features are included?

If you’ve been holding off installing new automatic garage doors because of safety concerns, here are some features that new garage doors come with to help alleviate some of those fears.

  • Emergency Latch Release – If you don’t own an emergency backup generator, then a power outage could lead to trouble if you need to leave your garage in a hurry. The emergency latch release is usually attached to a red cord that, when pulled, can release the mechanism that controls the garage door, resulting in a quick exit if your family needs to leave the house for any reason.
  • Safety Sensors – Most automatic garage door openers have sensors at the bottom on either side of the door that prevents it from closing if it senses an obstacle to help avoid accidents. If an object like a person, pet, or toy is sensed, the sensor will trigger a signal to the garage door’s operating system and cause it to cease operation.

The emergency latch release and safety sensors make automatic garage doors safe for everyday use, especially around busy households.

Another concern you might have about new garage doors is their reliability. If you’ve held off on updating your current garage door system because of constant breakdowns or worn-out parts, now’s a good time to let Closing Time Garage Doors take a look. One of our specialties is garage door troubleshooting. Is the door not closing all the way? The door won’t open? Does it have broken springs? We can identify and service all of these problems promptly and professionally.


Will automatic garage doors increase my home’s value?

If you are considering selling your home and want your place to look its best, it might be time for new garage doors. Interested homebuyers are looking for the home of their dreams, and the last thing they want is ugly broken, outdated garage doors. New garage doors can vary in price and depend on many factors, but by presenting an updated and pleasant-looking exterior, buyers will more often want to step inside and look around.


Call the Professionals at Closing Time Garage Doors

To find out more about the safety of our garage doors and our garage door services, and let us help you turn your garage into the best-looking house on the block, call us to schedule an appointment. Closing Time Garage Doors services the greater Atlanta area and can help you find the best automatic garage doors for your home. So call us today to mark one project off that list, so you can start the new year right!


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