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How to Choose a New Replacement Garage Door

Choosing a new garage door can be daunting for a home buyer. It will be a prominent part of your home for many years to come, so you don’t want to make the wrong decision. You want it to look great, but also compliment your home’s style.

There are also important decisions that go beyond how the garage door looks. You want something that will function well, giving you many years of trouble-free garage door service. The good news is making this choice doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. There are really two basic decisions to make, and most people know exactly what they want once they understand the choices.

Choosing a well built Replacement Garage Door

Metal Garage Door Installation

Customers are always asking me about different types of garage doors they have read about- aluminum garage doors, fiberglass garage doors, wood garage doors, vinyl garage doors, composite garage doors, just to name a few.  While these materials are used in the industry, they generally have little to do with the main construction of the garage door.  The truth is almost all residential garage doors are made primarily of steel.  An example of this is the vinyl used as a backing for certain insulated garage doors, but that garage door insulation will go inside a fairly standardized garage door frame.  When fiberglass is used, it is typically added to the outside to create a custom garage door aesthetic.

The industry has standardized to Steel Garage Doors

The standard garage door transitioned from wood to steel in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  With steel garage doors, you have a few good options.  The non-insulated garage door is the base level and lowest cost.  It is a thin steel skin with a heavier duty reinforcement system that functions similar to a skeletal system.  You may want to consider insulation, and the next step up is to get a soft or vinyl back insulation added to that basic garage door.  If you’re interested in something stronger, it is another simple step up to add steel to the back of the door.  This steel back or “sandwich garage door” transforms a cheap tin construction to something much stronger. While there are some minor differences in insulation level, we usually simplify it to the three best-recommended garage doors in Georgia, based on our state’s natural climate.

Choosing a Garage Door that will look Good On Your Home

Garage Door Installation Service


Most Popular Garage Door in Woodstock

The truth is the most popular doors combine a nice pattern with a low-cost way of producing it.  These are called “stamped steel garage doors” because they run the metal through a large press that stamps it into a pattern.  The raised panel garage door is by far the most common because it is designed to blend in with pretty much any home style.  It is a square pattern technique common to all other door industries.

Most Popular Carriage Garage Door

The stamped carriage garage door is also very popular and only slightly more expensive.  The pattern is modified, usually to emulate beadboard, and decorative accents are added to give it a swinging door appearance.  Some homeowners are worried it will be too much of a country-style appearance, but it will actually look good on pretty much any home you are wanting to add detail to and create a little focal point.  Fortunately, if you are concerned about the beadboard pattern being a bad fit, there is a relatively new stamped carriage pattern with a recessed square look now available.  

Garage Door Glass Choices, and Other Details

Generally, the garage door pattern will influence the type of glass you use.  A smaller garage door pattern will usually translate to smaller square glass.  A more detailed door will be complemented by a nice glass insert pattern.  The insert is added between the glass and its frame.  While the inserts are popular, it is much less common to use specialty glass because it tends to be expensive from garage door manufacturers.  Keep in mind that glass will always add to the garage door cost, but it’s usually worth it if you need the natural light or are wanting it to accent the garage door appearance.

Unique Garage Door Options

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