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Garage Door Tension Spring Replacement: Everything You Need To Know About Getting New Tension Springs

Garage door tension spring replacement isn’t probably something you’ve given much thought to until your garage door stops working. As with many household items, your garage doors work properly most of the time, and then one day, they don’t.

One of the first things homeowners will try when the garage door doesn’t open is checking the batteries in the garage door opener or checking to see if the power is still on. If the problem isn’t resolved after checking the batteries and looking to see if the electricity is on, further detective work is needed. Here, we’ll look at a common reason for garage door malfunction: tension springs and everything you need to know about replacing them.

What Are Garage Door Tension Springs?

If your garage door has stopped working and you’ve checked out the obvious sources, it may be a broken tension spring. Most garage doors operate the same way: a mechanized pulley system raises and lowers the doors, while tension springs are large gauge steel wires that help to counterbalance the garage door’s weight for it to operate correctly. If a tension spring is broken or off track, the garage door can no longer be raised or lowered, and you’ll need to seek garage door repair.

Types of Garage Door Tension Springs

While there are often many products to research and sift through when looking to repair or replace something around the house, that isn’t the case for garage door tension springs. Typically, garage doors operate using either torsion springs or extension springs that work with the garage door opener to raise and lower your garage door.

To determine the type of garage door tension spring used to operate your garage door, you’ll need to find where it is located. Extension springs are located above the horizontal tracks on both sides of the door, while torsion springs are mounted above the garage door, centered above the door opening.

Where Do I Buy Garage Door Tension Springs?

Garage door tension springs may be hard to find in your local hardware or big box store, so you may need to purchase them online if you’re going to fix the problem yourself. Of course, with purchasing anything online, it may be difficult to know if you’re buying the right kind of tension springs and it may be hard to know if you’re purchasing a well-built product. Checking out reviews of products you’re considering purchasing can be helpful, but it’s hard to know if the review is indeed genuine. The best way to know you are purchasing quality tension springs is to contact a reliable garage door repair company.

Call the Professionals at Closing Time Garage Doors

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