How to Clean a Garage Door Opener

How to Clean a Garage Door

Have you been putting off cleaning your garage door? We understand, and we know that cleaning your garage door, of all things, is probably the last thing on your to-do list. However, you can only get the most out of your garage door if you clean it. The good news is that cleaning a garage door isn’t nearly as daunting or time-consuming as it may seem, and we’re about to walk you through it. Whether you want to know how to clean a metal garage door, how to clean a vinyl garage door, or how to clean a garage door opener, it’s easy to learn how to properly care for your garage door. With the right supplies and know-how, you can ensure that your garage door lasts as long as possible.


Why Is Cleaning My Garage Door So Important?

You may be wondering why you should even bother cleaning your garage door. The answer to that question is that it not only keeps your home looking nice, but it also prolongs the life of your door as well as gives you the chance to look for any repairs that may need to be done. While the ideal times to clean your garage door are in the spring and fall when the weather is mild, it’s never the wrong time to start taking care of your metal garage door, vinyl garage door, or garage door opener.


Supplies to Have on Hand

Now that you know a little more about why it’s important to clean your garage door, let’s get started with a few simple household items.

Check to make sure you have these supplies:

1. Homemade cleaning solution

You should use an easy-to-make soap and water combination to clean your garage door. Grab dishwashing soap or even soap that you use for washing your car- just make sure it’s something mild. You’ll need a bucket where you can mix up your cleaning solution. We use 2 gallons of water mixed with 1 cup of soap for the best results.

2. Soft sponges and clean cloths

Your garage door may look durable- and it is- but to extend its lifetime, you want to protect it from scratches. That’s why it’s best to avoid rough sponges or anything that already has dirt on it. You’ll use a soft sponge for cleaning and a clean, dry cloth to wipe your door afterward.

3. Step ladder

We all need a little (or a lot) of help getting in those nooks and crannies at the top. A ladder will also let you get a better look at the top of your door so you can examine for any damage.


Time to Wash Your Garage Door

Now that your supplies are ready, it’s time to get started on actually washing your garage door. Follow these easy steps to learn how to clean a metal garage door, how to clean a vinyl garage door, or how to clean a garage door opener.

1. Do a quick wipe down

Wipe down the surface with one of your dry cloth rags. Any dirt that can be removed by a simple cloth rag is something you want to get off before you go in with a hose and sponge.

2. Hose it down

A hose is not going to get everything off of your garage door, but like wiping down the door, it will loosen and shake off more debris, preparing your door for deeper cleaning.

3. Time to scrub

Bring out the cleaning solution and sponges and start scrubbing. Put your whole body into it- six months of built-up dirt won’t go away without a little digging in.

4. Spot-clean

If there are really difficult stains, we suggest you dab those places with a bleach and water mixture. Once you’ve finished with that, follow with your cleaning solution to ensure that the bleach doesn’t leave a stain.

5. Don’t forget

Take a minute to clean the weatherstripping and trim. They need some love, too.

6. Wipe down

We’ve come full circle. Wipe the inside and outside of the door with a dry, clean cloth and admire your work.

If you’re wondering how to clean a metal garage door or how to clean a vinyl garage door, you can rest assured that every garage door requires the same cleaning process, no matter the material.


How to Clean a Garage Door Opener

What would be the point of cleaning the door if you didn’t clean the opener? While we’re very used to electronic door openers, they would be useless if the chains that raised and lowered the door didn’t work.

Take a little oil lubricant- which you can find at any home improvement store near you- and clean the chain drive and the tracks to prevent dirt from building up.

Are you looking for expert help with how to clean your metal garage door, how to clean your vinyl garage door, or how to clean your garage door opener?

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