A Guide to Closing Time Garage Doors Pricing

My name is Paul Lipham and I have been fixing and installing garage doors locally, in metro Atlanta, for 15 years. I have found most homeowners have important questions when they contact us so I try to identify and answer them as quickly as possible.
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II talk to a lot of people who are interested in replacing their garage doors. At a certain point, everybody wants to know what it will cost.  The challenge is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer for garage door prices. The variables may make it a complicated question to answer, but how could I call myself a professional if I was not able to simplify it for you? That is what this garage door pricing guide is: a small part of my work at answering that as simply and straightforward as possible. I hope you find it effective.

How Much Do Garage Door Costs

Here is one more quick reference point that will show typical spend for most of our customers.

1 double door with no openers beginning at $1,790

1 double door with an opener beginning at $2,290 

2 single garage doors with no openers beginning at $1,980

2 single doors with 2 openers beginning at $2,980

One thing I hope you understand this guide is geared for most people. If I talk to you individually, I am very aware you are not “most people.” It may be a good place to start, but I am not looking to push every peg through the same hole. I want to serve your needs, no matter how unique or common those needs happen to be. Contact me at 678-695-6400 to discuss your options.

Garage Door Installation Cost

These prices are for a two-car garage with standard door sizes.

Do you have 1 “double [car] door”, or 2 “single [car] doors?” (Or some combination.)

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1 Double– Prices range from $1,790 – $3,082. That is a decent size range, but it covers about 80% of the double size residential garage doors that we install.

2 Singles– Prices range from $990 – $1,619 per door.  This is a decent price range and covers about 80% of the single size residential garage doors that we install.  

What does this price range include? The range includes the most popular options for both basic and much higher quality doors that we see. It includes windows, insulation, steel backing and design options (such as if you want carriage style garage doors).

The range also considers the southern climate in a non-air conditioned garage for recommended insulation levels. This also includes what I refer to as the “full door kit,” but assumes everything is standard on 7-foot tall doors. The single door sizes are commonly 8 or 9 feet wide by 7 feet tall and the double doors would be 16 or 18 feet wide by 7 feet tall.

The price includes garage door springs, tracks, door hardware, seals (all installed), with the disposal of the old materials (or some other common needs for a new construction installation).

What does this price range not include? First, these prices do not include sales tax. It varies 6-8% between the counties, and of course inside Atlanta city limits, they want a piece of your pie too.

While the range does include the most popular style options, it does not include custom door designs. Solid wood, overlay, and faux finish are popular keywords that will create more of an architectural style, but can increase the cost significantly.

We work with the more stylistic doors too, but it is important to keep in mind that some of these doors do sacrifice functionality so are not only more expensive, but also higher maintenance. The good news is the price list does include high end options in terms of quality. You might choose to spend more for a special look, but most of those doors are built with the same base structurally used with more cost effective alternatives.

Custom Door Designs

As I mentioned before, the prices include standard door equipment and assume a standard installation. I can’t cover every possible situation, but I am talking about things like oversized seals (if your slab is sloped) or specialty tracks to deal with clearance and “low head-room” (ceiling height) issues.

Most homes, by far, do have the 7-foot-tall doors but plenty are made with 8-foot-tall doors as well. Add about 10-15% if you think you do have taller doors. (It is quite rare and intentional when they are taller than 8 feet).

Usually, these are not big ticket items, but I understand small things can add up and nobody wants to deal with add-ons. We do avoid turning to specialty products unnecessarily, but we cannot prevent the fact that they are sometimes needed for a quality garage door installation.

Where will you be in that price range? I provided a short checklist of common options the price range includes. It stands to reason that the more things you want on that list, the more your door will cost. Windows, for example, would be a modest upgrade, but add a nice heavy-duty steel back insulation to that and you are pushing closer to the top of the list.

The actual door size will also affect your cost, but more so on the two car garage doors than on your singles. I think this guide will be helpful but if you don’t have a two car garage, you will need to adjust this guide to your situation.

Garage Door Openers

The other big thing is garage door opener costs. The most popular units we install are $500, and $600 for a much smoother system. 

Those two systems are the best recommendation for reliability and general functionality, but if you are more interested in features and smart technology we would have some other recommendations.

Sometimes extra remotes or a keypad are requested on top.