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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Garage Doors

Choosing an ideal door for your garage can be challenging, partly due to the unlimited options in the market today and other compelling factors. Because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime activity for most, it’s vital to take ample time when selecting a garage door.

Installing new garage doors is also an exceptional opportunity to add style, function, and value to your home. It’s one of the few home improvement projects that can significantly impact your home’s value.

You must consider several aspects when purchasing a garage door for your home. This includes the right material, size, style, accessories, insulation, and much more. We have compiled this ultimate guide on buying garage doors to make the process easy and more straightforward. Here’s all you need to know.

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Types of Garage Doors

Garage doors come in different types to satisfy the needs of different shoppers and homeowners. No matter your preference, you’ll find a suitable door for your garage. Some of the well-known types of garage doors styles include:

Carriage Style

Carriage garage doors are the ideal choice for old homes. They bring an exclusive look to your exterior. Although they are similar to swing gates, they move freely, just like modern garage doors. These doors are available in various materials.

Classic Style

You can operate the classic garage doors either manually or automatically. Besides, you can customize the door to your desired design. The doors come in a variety of colors and insulation choices.

Raised Panel

The raised garage doors are available in three different types. Each design adds a unique style to your home. They include:

  • Flush Panels: These are a type of modern doors that feature straight lines and offer a unique design without drawing much attention. Flush panels are plane doors featuring minimal texturing on their surfaces.
  • Long Raised Panels: These garage doors comprise long raised panels that match various exterior home designs.
  • Short Raised Panels: These doors consist of short raised panels, and they are highly versatile. They are designed to match different home exteriors.

Modern Garage Doors

These doors are similar to the contemporary garage doors but are sleeker, seamless, and striking. They also feature sharp lines and clean forms. Most of these doors include a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and tempered glass panels; they come in a variety of finishes.

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Garage Door Materials

Regarding garage door materials, there are unlimited options to sample today. Each type has its benefits and downsides, and it’s upon you to choose one that meets your needs and preferences. The commonly used garage door materials include:

Wood & Wood Composite

Wooden garage doors are a darling to many homeowners due to their natural look and feel, besides their unparalleled aesthetics. They are among the most costly options, but they’re worth every dime spent on them.


These doors are made from different surfaces of galvanized steel. Although they are easier to use than the wooden garage doors, they are more prone or dents and rust.


Aluminum garage doors are incredibly lightweight and the ideal choice for large garage door applications.


Fiberglas is an extremely versatile material, and garage doors made from this material can be made to mimic other materials such as wood grain and iron. The main disadvantage of these doors is that they are not suitable for cold weather.


Vinyl garage doors are manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This is the same material used in making plumbing materials and pipes. It’s a cheaper alternative to metal that offers exceptional durability and flexibility.

These doors comprise steel frames and polyurethane insulation. They are similar in appearance to fiberglass garage doors. Unfortunately, they are available in limited colors and designs.

Glass Paneled Garage Doors

These doors are a contemporary choice for garages and include glass panels. They comprise of aluminum frames, and the glass can be tinted, frosted or etched. Some designs feature opaque glass and panels to make them more appealing. Glass paneled garage doors come in various finishes to offer extra privacy and security.

Although these doors are available in varying thicknesses, the typical panels range from 1/8″ to 3/16″ and 1/4″ for the single panel options, while those featuring insulated glass are 1/2″ thick. Since glass is a poor insulator, most manufacturers add a special coating to increase energy efficiency and maintain the room temperature.

Garage Door Sizes

Garage doors come in varying sizes to suit different applications. However, there are a few standard-sized options made to fit particular types of vehicles.

For example, most garage doors are made to fit the average SUV, car, or truck. If your vehicle can’t fit in these standard garage doors, you shouldn’t fret. You can opt for custom-built garage doors.

One-car garage door sizes include:

Two-car garage door sizes include:

Garage Door Cost

The average cost of a new garage door depends on several factors. Since these doors are made from various materials and come in different styles, sizes, and quality, their prices can differ considerably. They can range from as low as $600 for a wood composite garage door to about $9,000 for a high-end garage door.

Typically you can expect to pay $800 to $1,500 for an averagely sized 16 x 7-foot door. High-end garage doors range about $2,700. If a professional contractor installs the door, the total cost will be around $3,300.

If you opt for an automatic garage door opener, you’ll need to pay an extra $300 to $500 to have it installed together with the garage door. These figures exclude tax and oversight charges if the project is part of a large building project. The ideal way to get the best price is to know what you want then ask for several quotes from contractors.

You can choose to repair your garage door or install a new one. The latter option is better because you’re more likely to get a solid return on your investment. If you install a new, energy-efficient garage door, you’ll increase your home’s value by approximately $2,800. The ROI depends on your location and can range from 85% to 110%.

Other Accessories You Might Need for Your Garage Door

Apart from the door itself, you’ll also require a few garage door accessories during installation. They include:

Door Openers

Modern garage door openers are automatic. They feature photoelectric safety sensors and reliable, durable motors. If the door encounters an obstacle on its way, the openers can sense it and decide to stop and reverse the door’s direction.

The garage doors can also be opened using remote controls. Such gadgets utilize programmable codes and make opening and closing garage doors easy from a distance. Some of these door openers are also compatible with android/iOS apps.


The door springs are a vital element of the garage door system. For example, the insert extension springs in tilt-up garage doors increase the door’s lifting capability. On the other hand, the torsion springs spread the weight evenly and offer extra support to the door. Ensure the springs are appropriately set because if the break, they fly off and can result in extensive injury or damage.

The garage door system also comprises rollers, safety cables, brackets, bearing plates, nuts, couplers, tracks, and bolts. All these are imperative for the proper functioning of a home garage door.

Besides the accessories shared above, you can also consider the following:

  • Seals that are installed between sectional panels
  • Hardware such as deadbolt locks, handles, and decorative gears
  • Windows to offer natural light and elegance
  • Bottom seals to rain out and remain drafts

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Where to Buy Garage Doors

The ideal places to buy garage doors are your local home improvement stores. You can also get them from chain stores or online stores where you submit the measurements and choose your perfect material and style. Home improvement stores are a choice for many homeowners intending to purchase garage doors since you can see the door in-person. Besides, they offer financing and many other deals.

You can also consider purchasing them from local garage door companies or installers. These companies offer all the assistance you may need, including measurements, accessories, installation, and even garage door repairs. Most of these companies partner with major garage door manufacturers to ensure you get what you want locally.

You can also choose to work with garage door manufacturers, especially if you’re looking for a custom made garage door. If you opt to work with local garage door companies, do enough research to ensure they are reputable and trustworthy. Such contractors offer a wide range of garage doors besides professional installation services. Their technicians are vastly experienced as well as trained and certified. Some also offer limited or lifetime warranty on workmanship and parts.

Garage Door Repairs and Installation

In some local home improvement stores that sell garage doors, they stock some doors you can install by yourself. Such options are best if you’re searching for a cheaper garage door option. Unfortunately, DIY garage door installation may come with some risks if the work isn’t correctly done. Look for easy-to-follow guidelines online or seek advice from an expert installer.

If you’re not a pro in DIY garage door installation and repairs, the wisest choice is to work with a professional installer. They have essential skills and experience to ensure the work is done correctly. Again, they have the tools to make the task easier and avoid injuries. This is most important if your garage door includes heavy-duty springs.

On the same token, DIY projects take longer. For instance, you can take a day or two for a DIY garage door installation project while a professional installer will accomplish it in less than 5 hours. If you’re still unsure of the type of garage door to install in your home, talk to us now! Our pro technicians are at your beck and call anytime!